If you are looking for a villa with garage where parking 29-35 spaces bus, Villa Cao Gia Chi Bao is a good choice. 

Finding a convenient parking space is one of the most painful issues when you drive to a hotel or villa. So, Villa Cao Gia Chi Bao will eliminate that nuisance.

Garage, Bãi đậu xe, Garage của Villa Cao Gia Chi Bảo (Garage is at groung floor of Villa Cao Gia Chi Bao)

Parking area is on the ground floor of the Villa. Can park 2 9-16 seats in the garage.                                                     As this is a separate villa, so it’s very secure & quiet, 29-35 space cars can park at the gate of the villa.
Cao Gia Chi Bao Villa has 2 gates (two fronts) so it is very convenient to transport luggage.


  • Adults: 1
  • Size: 0m²


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