Maxcare Massage Chair is the No. 1 Japanese Massage Chair in Vietnam. Maxcare is a brand trusted by many medical groups so we choose to help you use it more comfortable, relax & healthier.
   Massage Chair
(made in Japan)

When you travel, due to the constant movement for a short time from one place to another, it will make your body & legs tired.

Understanding that, we have a great way to eliminate fatigue, body aches for you is to use massage chairs.

ghế massage - Villa Cao Gia Chi Bảo

– Massage chair has acupressure function, massage the lumbar region, neck and neck, effectively treat headaches, back pain, degenerative neck vertebrae or spinal pain In addition to reducing pain stress, increase blood circulation, relax the body, improve bones and joints, massage chairs also help increase the quality of sleep, will help to bring the effect to your vacation.

– Thanks to the foot massage function, the massge chair will automatically massage, massage to foot comfortable, all symptoms of numbness, soreness after a long day of exercise.

– Massage chairs also treat the pain of the buttocks very effectively. After a day of traveling around Da Lat, this time using massage chairs will eliminate problems such as tired legs, thigh pain.
You just need to lean back, press the button to select the massage program according to the needs of the body such as massage to increase blood circulation to the limbs, relaxing massage for the shoulder, neck, stretching massage for the entire back, waist, joints, massage light for the elderly, restoring massage for the mobilizer … and enjoy the feeling of relaxation and refreshment. friend.
– Massage chair products suitable for many subjects & ages.
We always strive to bring you a vacation that is not only fun but also the healthiest & most comfortable, literally with the phrase “enjoy the best vacation”.


$1 / Once / Per Accommodation

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