We would like to invite our Guests to Villa Cao Gia Chi Bao‘s Sauna and massage chair which will help you rest and relax after a whole day of sightseeing and admiring the capital city of DaLat.

1/ Sauna 
(made in Korea)

Sauna is known as a therapy not to be missed when beauty, not only brings great relaxation but also significant impact on your health.

So, if you come to Villa Cao Gia Chi Bao, refesh yourself by spending 20 minutes to sauna (Free) with essential oils to relax, reduce fatigue, sweat away & lose weight.

Phòng xông hơi Villa Cao Gia Chi Baophòng xông hơi phòng xông hơi Phòng xông hơiphòng xông hơi   Phòng xông hơi _Villa Cao Gia Chi Bao

Phòng xông hơi _Villa Cao Gia Chi Bao Phòng xông hơi _Villa Cao Gia Chi Bao

Sauna room is made from pine. Using pine wood to ensure a constant room temperature and the aroma of pine also relaxes you. In the room, benches are also made of wood because the wood does not retain much heat.

Sauna room is designed to increase the internal temperature to more than 40-50 degrees Celsius, along with about 10% moisture, the body sweats water and cools itself.

The heating room of the sauna is set with exothermic stones placed on the resistance bars. In addition, you should pour a small amount of water (or essential oil) on the rocks to quickly increase the temperature and humidity a bit.

After taking a sauna for 15-20 minutes, you should go out and cool your body to reduce body heat. You should choose a place with cool air to dry, and drink some water to compensate for the loss of sweat.

* Sauna benefits: Sauna room is to strengthen the immune system, improve blood circulation, eliminate toxins, rejuvenate the skin, reduce stress. When the sauna, by increasing the body temperature, can kill bacteria, parasites and fungi; at the same time creates an “artificial fever” that stimulates the body’s immune system. Finally, a sauna helps sweat to eliminate toxins that lighten the skin and prevent acne.

          2/ Massage Chair
           (made in Japan)

ghế massage - Villa Cao Gia Chi Bảo

When you travel, due to the constant movement for a short time from one place to another, it will make your body & legs tired.

Understanding that, we have a great way to eliminate fatigue, body aches for you to use massage chairs.

In addition to reducing pain, dispelling stress, increasing blood circulation, relaxing the body, improving joints, massage chair also help increase the quality of sleep, which will help the your holiday is perfect.

You just need to lean back, press the button to select the massage program according to the needs of the body such as massage to increase blood circulation to the limbs, relaxing massage for the shoulder, neck, stretching massage for the whole back, waist, bones and joints, massage. light for the elderly, restoring massage for the athlete … and enjoying the feeling of relaxation, refreshment. The massage chair will immediately understand and start the recovery massage, relax the body, stretch the tendon … according to your will.

We always strive to bring you a vacation that is not only fun but also the healthiest & most comfortable, with the slogan “enjoy the best vacation”.


  • Adults: 15
  • Children: 3
  • View: Valley & Garden view
  • Size: 0m²
  • Bed Type: 1 Queen beds


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